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Catherine Catherine Becker, Ph.D.

Catherine Becker, Ph.D. is an Assoicate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. Her research in organizational and intercultural communication, along with her interactive workshops and classes, helps individuals, couples, groups, and organizations to improve their communication and maximize their potential. She has taught extensively throughout the United States, and in Canada, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Dr. Becker has backpacked and meditated in many of Hawai'i's most isolated areas and is deeply connected to the natural and spiritual worlds of the islands. It is her belief that Hawai'i has the ability to transform the lives of all who are touched by its beauty and power.


Doya Nardin

Extensive world travel has influenced her understanding of the outer expression of the inner nature of individuals of many races and ages which she incorporates into her paintings and portraits, depicting the spiritual nature of her subjects as well as their physical attributes. She painted the forty-four images of the Mana Cards to depict the spiritual nature of Hawai'i with the intention of bringing forth the spiritual nature of the viewer as well.

Her paintings have been shown throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. Her published works also include thirty-seven images for the MO: Tibetan Divination System card deck from Snow Lion Publications. She creates portraits and illustrations/images at her home/studio on the remote southern slopes of Haleakala Volcano, Maui, Hawaii.


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